One day, two people could speak without sharing the same space thanks to a telephone. Other day, grandparents, parents and friends could see those who were outside of Spain thanks to Skype. Thanks to technologies like these: the place is only a circumstance.

I share with you my conference in the II Dissemination Session of Innovation in Education. I taught the inaugural Conference: #Neotelling: how to communicate in the classroom with new technologies. The University of Cádiz opted for an innovative live conference format via streaming. -Madrid and Cádiz connected by technology. ;-)-

As transmitter and receiver did not share the same space, the videos generated are also different and, for this reason, I have include two links, so you can watch the differences and possible improvements of this communication #Neotelling:

From The Valley, we recorded it and we watched it like this (video in spanish):

And from the event in the University of Cádiz, they watched it in this way (video in spanish):

«Los analfabetos del siglo XXI no serán aquellos que no sepan leer y escribir, sino aquellos que no sepan aprender, desaprender y reaprender» (Alvin Toffler, Future Shock).


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